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    All group courses will follow the school calendar and Ticino holidays . Registration, with payment, must be made at the beginning of the course. Payment can, upon request, be divided into two or three installments with the addition of a surcharge of CHF 25 per installment. In case of late payment of both the already installment amount and the total non-accrual amount, an additional penalty of CHF 30.- for each installment exceeded 5 days, CHF 50.- exceeded 15 days and CHF 100.- for each 30-day delay from the due date. Enrollment guarantees a limited number of places, so any withdrawal of an enrollee after the start of the school year still involves payment of the full cost of the annual tuition.

    Selected days and courses can never be changed, except for special documented needs. Only at the time of signing the registration form, which must be duly filled out and sent to the secretary’s office, and also of making payment, will it be possible to guarantee a place in the limited number class. Classes will be formed with a minimum of 3 participants to a maximum of 6.

    For all individual and/or semi-private lessons (min. 10 lessons of 60 min.) payment must be made at the beginning of the lessons, the same are to be used no later than 10 weeks from the date of purchase, in case of late payment the same penalties as the above courses will be applied. Both courses and individual lessons, already billed and/or paid for, are partially refundable, only for serious proven and justified reasons.

    Only for individual classes and not for groups, cancellations will be accepted only if cancelled one day in advance (24 hours) by e-mail, otherwise they will be duly billed.

    Should another COVID lockdown occur, students/families agree to continue the online course without entitlement to discounts or refunds.

    In case of any proven behavioral problems of the children or youths., such as to affect the course performance, while respecting other enrolled families and teachers, the school reserves the right to reevaluate enrollments and weigh the possible removal from the class, so they are asked to inform the school in a timely manner, that is, at the time of enrollment. All information provided will be treated confidentially.

    Missed classes in all courses for both adults and children and youth are not recoverable and do not entitle to refunds. In order to ensure uniformity of courses, TESL will conduct a placement test at the beginning of the year. All photocopies, if any, will be duly invoiced.

    TESL applies a discount for annual courses of 5 percent to every second third and fourth registrant who is part of the same household.

    Upon completion of the annual courses conducted at TESL, a certificate of attendance and an individual report detailing the course, objectives and suggestions for future language training are issued at the request of the person concerned and with a minimum attendance of 80 percent.

    The registration fee is CHF 60.

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