English courses for children and teenagers and Cambridge exam preparation

English courses for children and young people

The TESL language school in Lugano offers numerous English courses for children of all ages. Over the past few years, many young people have attended our school for different reasons: some urgently need support to improve their school performance, others have the ambition to pass a language exam or dream of studying and working abroad. There are also those who simply want to learn English for passion and those who do not want to miss the opportunity to broaden their cultural background before embarking on more advanced studies or entering the world of work, but what all our young students have in common is the desire to play, to laugh, to joke and to grow together.


The TESL method

The communicative method, with interactive and competitive games that make the lessons highly engaging, stimulating and fun for the children. In addition, all our courses are taught by native speaker or native level certified teachers working with small groups of 3 to 8 learners.

We are very proud to have accompanied hundreds of children towards their first language experiences, the first exams of their lives, and, last but not least, to have seen many children smile and laugh until they cry in our classrooms. Our institute is a hybrid between an amusement park and a school. Fun is a central component of all our lessons and is close to the hearts of our teachers. It is natural that young people are already busy enough with their lessons at school every day of the week, and would hardly want to attend a second school. Especially for young children, it is almost impossible to understand the meaning of a lesson in a foreign language: they always speak Italian with their friends and therefore feel no need to learn another language. But this is not a problem: our children come to have fun with their peers, to discover new games and to win! Even children who are uninterested in learning a foreign language are welcome at our school, where they will be invited to draw, colour, sing, dance, win, lose, win again… And at the same time they will learn a new language without even realising it.

On request we gladly offer private meetings between parents and teachers as well as a individual tutoring service for pupils with special needs. A language assessment is also carried out to determine the level reached and to recommend the most appropriate Cambridge exam for each student. At the end of all courses, which follow the Ticino school calendar, a certificate of attendance is issued.

Modulated and full courses

For those who feel the need for an even more personalised and intense language course, we offer private lessons (for 1 person) and semi-private lessons (for 2 people). These courses make it possible to increase one’s knowledge and command of the language in an even shorter period of time and guarantee that you will be supervised exclusively by the teacher for the duration of the lesson.


Our lecturers will follow you step by step...


You will have no problem settling in with us!


In our classrooms you will find everything you need.

Cambridge Exam Preparation

Cambridge English is the most highly regarded English qualification in the world. More than 5 million candidates take a Cambridge exam each year.

Cambridge examination centres are active in 135 different countries. The Cambridge examinations are known worldwide and are recognised by more than 20,000 universities, employers and national education bodies in many countries, who rely on Cambridge English qualifications to prove English language proficiency.

The TESL language school of Lugano, as well as being the Official Cambridge Examination Centre of Ticino, provides Cambridge exam preparation courses for children and young people, with simulations of the entire exam or the oral exam, taught by certified teachers with decades of experience.

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