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English teacher

I am Julie, a Canadian native speaking teacher. My path in teaching began a few years ago after earning a TESOL (Fundamental Training for Teaching English Online) certificate, which ignited my passion for teaching.

I further expanded my qualifications with a CELTA certificate (Cambridge Level 5 Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and have since taught conversational English and Cambridge exam preparation courses in Switzerland.

I also have experience in teaching English to pupils in the Swiss public school system. My background in business, including a Master’s degree, allows me to distinguish myself in teaching business English.

My teaching philosophy emphasizes personalized learning, promotion of curiosity and effective communication. I am committed daily to helping students achieve their language goals.

English teacher

Hi, I’m Jason. English by birth and Swiss Italian by adoption. Here I found my second homeland and built my family. I have been teaching CELTA-certified English at TESL Language School in Lugano for many years now.
But it’s not only the years that have increased, so have the wrinkles?

I have had the privilege of tutoring a number of kids from an early age and then seeing them come of age and take off into the world of work, thanks in part to the Cambridge Exams they passed brilliantly and for which I prepared them. A great satisfaction!

Using the communicative method allowed me to stimulate their creativity, covering age-appropriate topics without neglecting more playful activities indeed, mixing them with grammar. They were thus able to learn the language naturally and achieve their goals.

English teacher
My name is Eleni and I have been a certified teacher for many years. CELTA and LCCI for teaching the English language. My experience, training and passion for teaching come together in order to motivate my students during the learning process.
My main strengths are the effective use of the communication method and creating a positive atmosphere in the classroom. A safe, fun and highly interactive environment. I particularly focus on building a context in which students feel comfortable and in which learning need not be boring or static, but instead communicative, student-centered and relevant to their real needs.
My primary interest is to connect humanely with students, help them fall in love with the English language, and prepare them to best meet the challenges they face.
German teacher
Hi, this is Andreas. I was born in Aachen (Aachen, west-central Germany) and have lived in Italy for many years.
I am a native German speaker and I love my language, which I try to teach and disseminate by removing the fears one often has about something seemingly difficult. I also work as an author and editor for publishing houses such as Mondadori and De Agostini, in the area of school texts and simplified reading.
I consider myself an empathetic, patient and helpful teacher, attentive to the character and learning peculiarities of those who rely on my teaching.
I prepare my students for certifications at any level, as well as offer pathway support to middle schools and high schools. My students range in age from 8 to 80, and all of them have always given me and are giving me great satisfaction.
German teacher
I am Monika, a native German-speaking teacher (born in West-Central Germany) and have been living and teaching in Switzerland since 2020.
I am a graduate translator (German/English/Spanish) and a teacher for vocational schools. After teaching for many years in companies and vocational schools in Germany, Italy and Mexico (Volkswagen), I am very happy to teach my native language in a country as multilingual and culturally diverse as Switzerland.
In line with modern pedagogy, my teaching style is naturally communication-oriented and based onpersonalized learning support. I also help language learners during their schooling by strengthening independent learning and methodological skills.
My guiding principle is, “A child, a teacher, a book and a pen can change the world” (Malala Yousafzai)

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